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  • Grape model
    Product Code: 7306
    Passover set with grapes and fig leaves
    Price: $199
  • Sabrovsky Deluxe
    Product Code: 7315
    Golden and silver embroideries and applications
    Price: $199
  • Classic ornaments
    Product Code: 7319
    Passover set with a decorated frame
    Price: $199
  • Deluxe with flowers
    Product Code: 7317
    Flowers embroidery and Seder symbols
    Price: $199

  • Deluxe classic model
    Product Code: 7305
    Passover set with flowers and Eliyahu Hnavi`s glas
    Price: $169
  • Sumptuous with application
    Product Code: 7314
    Floral application and a coloured embroidery
    Price: $169
  • Fig leaves
    Product Code: 7313
    Elegant with fig leaves and Sabrovsky stones
    Price: $149
  • Exodus model
    Product Code: 7302
    Depicting slavery and exodus from Egypt
    Price: $149

  • Modern style
    Product Code: 7330
    Modern and elegant Passover set
    Price: $149
  • Doves
    Product Code: 7309
    Passover set with doves and fine colours
    Price: $149
  • Luxurious Flowers
    Product Code: 7318
    Flowers embroidery and blue rings
    Price: $139
  • Art model
    Product Code: 7325
    White Matzah cover with application interlacing
    Price: $59

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